Strata - Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

Strata Identity

Strata - Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

Strata Identity

Enable secure hybrid access for Azure AD.

Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

Identity Orchestration Consolidates Management of Policies and Identities Across Multiple Clouds

Strata’s platform—Maverics—is an abstraction layer that makes delivering identity to apps simple, all without requiring any rewriting of applications. By creating an Identity Fabric, customers can seamlessly integrate with multiple identity infrastructures enabling next-level agility and cloud-scale.

Secure hybrid access

Unifying cloud and on-premises worlds

Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestrator™ provides a Zero Trust approach to enabling access to on-premises apps from the cloud. Maverics extends standards-based authentication from cloud identity systems to on-premises apps, providing sophisticated last-mile integration with no app rewrites.

Our identity orchestration enables incremental moves to the cloud while supporting the coexistence between old and new identity systems. Consistency between cloud and on-premises identity systems means identity and policies that work seamlessly across both.

Challenges with secure hybrid access
Many apps built before the cloud’s Zero Trust architecture were not designed to work across hostile networks.
  • Legacy IAM software was not designed to work in cloud environments and must be replaced with cloud-native identity.
  • Interoperability between new cloud identity systems and existing on-premises identity systems is required.
  • Most existing network configurations are not granular enough to control access (identity context data).
  • Granular access policies are needed to support Zero Trust’s identity as the new perimeter model.
  • Moving apps to the cloud and upgrading identity systems means expensive and time-consuming rewrites and maintenance of custom code.

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