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instant3Dhub is a game changing middleware to accelerate 3D data in your digital products

Accelerate your digital transformation with scalable 3D apps

instant3Dhub enables you to bring the full complexity of your 3D data to any device - Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, AR, VR - and use case scenario. Enable your team to collaborate on digital twins and speed up their development. instant3Dhub allows you to rethink 3D data utilization along the product lifecycle with a new generation of scalable digital products.

3D space - customized to your unique needs

  • Do your project teams, engineers, contractors and operators want to experience the 3D space? Use instant3Dhub to build tailor-made applications using instant3Dhub’s APIs or utilize pre-built tools for digital mockups, collaboration, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • We deliver all the tools and documentation you need to experience your interactive 3D experience / application with our easy to use API and libraries.
  • Use instant3Dhub as a single-source-of-truth to connect all your 3D data sources.

3D streaming - secure, reliable and instant

  • Your IP stays with you, we don’t load whole data files but cache data fragments.
  • There is no information loss or need for costly and time-consuming data preparation and reduction processes.
  • No more long loading times, the visualisation even of large 3D model structures is instant by streaming only the data the users are actually looking at.

Supported Formats:

  • Web 3D formats like X3D, VRML or GLTF.

  • 3D printing formats like stl or 3mf.

  • Exchange formats like off, ply, obj, Collada or FBX.

  • CAD exchange formats like, IGES, Step, IFC or JT.

  • Native CAD formats like ACIS, CATIA, Parasolid, Revit, Rhino or NX.

Join these industry leaders and take full advantage of instant3Dhub

BMW - Mercedes Benz - VW - Siemens - EDF - TRUMPF - MICROSOFT