Dealer Management System (DMS) - (RealReco)

Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Dealer Management System (DMS) - (RealReco)

Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Connecting Manufacturers, Distributors / Dealers & Retailers through a single collaborative platform

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA. We enable digital acceleration and cost saving benefits to organizations.


Industry Challenges:

1) Disjointed Systems, Payment Reconciliation issues between Manufacturers, Distributor & Retailers.

2) Over / Understocking of Inventory, stock Outs at multiple locations leading to loss of business, High CoPQ,

3) Demand fulfilment Visibility & delivery delays,

4) Lack of real time Secondary Sales data & in-transit goods tracking,

5) Lack of visibility in Schemes & Discounts, Financial Transactions & Claim Disputes,

6) Difficultly in tracking Sales officer performance.

RealReco Solution:

1) RealReco connects the Manufacturer, Distributors and Retailers on a single collaborative platform for Order fulfilment, returns tracking, Claims settlement, Inventory Visibility, Promotions, Payments & Salesforce Automation which seamlessly integrates with ERP systems.

2) Configurable Dashboards, Reports & ledgers available to stakeholders for reconciliations.

Business Benefits:

1) About 5% to 10% increase in demand generation and ~10% cost-reduction.

2) Digital Connectivity & seamless Integration.

3) Tamper Proof Auditable Digital Ledgers.

4) Secondary sales visibility for Manufacturers.

5) Auto Reconciliation of payments reducing manual processes thus reducing time & reconciliation errors.

6) Global Visibility to schemes & Discounts, Sales Targets, Claims & Disputes.