Supplier Warranty Recovery (RealWarranty)

Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Supplier Warranty Recovery (RealWarranty)

Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Supplier Warranty Recovery solution (SAP Bolt-on application) for Manufacturers, Larger Suppliers

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA. We enable digital acceleration and cost saving benefits to organizations.


Industry Challenges faced by Manufacturer / Tier 1 Suppliers in Supplier warranty recovery:

1) Higher Claim volumes & lower claim value 

2) Claim Multipliers at Supplier Side

3) Complex Part Traceability

4) Claim Litigation Incidents

5) Disparate Systems with limited information exchange

RealWarranty Solution:

1) It generates automatic debit note request in SAP/Other ERP between multi-tier Suppliers & Manufacturer based on claim received by Manufacturer (from its customers) by establishing proof of delivery, part usage and warranty contract conditions between entities.

2) Solution seamlessly complements the existing SAP / Other ERP systems w.r.t Supply Chain Transactions.

3) Additional Warranty entitlement conditions can be modelled as Business Rules via Smart contracts.. 

4) Functionality will be available to Tier 2/3/4 suppliers for SCM Transactions / Data Uploads who use legacy / non-ERP systems.

Business Benefits

1) System generated Debit Notes leads to significant time & cost saved in warranty administration.

2) Permanent Audit trail & increased trust among entities due to Blockchain technology feature like immutability, encryption.

3) Reduction in claim litigation incidents between parties due to smart contracts.

Value Proposition

1) Estimated 20 to 80% Increased Supplier Warranty Recovery by Manufacturer / Tier 1 Supplier compared to current recovery levels.