aura365 Speech Analytics Solution

Gnani Innovations Private Limited

aura365 Speech Analytics Solution

Gnani Innovations Private Limited

Enabling customer service teams to deliver great CX through deep customer insights

The lack of insights into customer interactions often results in poor CX. The digitally empowered customer today demands personalized service based on previous interactions and preferences. To script an enticing customer journey and to increase CLV, customer-facing teams require deep customer insights.

aura365, our speech analytics solution has been exclusively built for customer service teams and Contact Centers to glean deep business insights by analyzing all customer interactions. Designed for call center automation the solution is packed with AI-powered tools for a holistic view of the entire customer journey through interactions at various touchpoints.

The Advantage

The easy-to-use interface offers a range of data-driven insights for process improvement and has proven value in customer retention and cost optimization for various industries such as Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, etc.


  • Easy-to-use DIY experience
  • 'Transcription' based contextual and actionable insights
  • Supports all types of audio formats – .wav (all encodings), mp3, and others
  • Interactive dashboard with user-friendly features – configuring evaluation criteria, parameter definition, score assignment and more.
  • Agent insights - Script and compliance adherence tracking, rate of speech, etc.
  • Downloadable call transcript


  • Reduce customer churn, improve CSAT and increase CLV
  • Equips supervisors to coach/train agents through precise recommendations
  • Personalizing customer service through customer-specific inputs
  • Uncovers product feedback/insights
  • Apparatus for In-depth customer segmentation and targeting
  • Reduce and optimize Opex through cost savings

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