Hyperglance Cloud Management, Cost Optimization & Diagramming


Hyperglance Cloud Management, Cost Optimization & Diagramming


Azure cost optimization, architectural diagrams, inventory, and security for cloud professionals

Hyperglance is a powerful cloud management platform, designed for Cloud Professionals including Architects, Engineers, SecOps, and FinOps. All deployed within the boundaries of your cloud, the platform streamlines cloud resource inventorying, architectural diagramming, security & compliance management, cost management, and automation. Hyperglance delivers Insights Visualized into Action.

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Is your cloud environment out of control?

  • Aggregated cloud inventory that you can quickly search, filter and export
  • Manage your cloud environments with one single dashboard
  • Full cloud resource inventory across single or multiple clouds

Spending countless hours understanding and documenting your environment?

  • Automatic, exportable, and interactive architecture diagrams automatically created live in minutes
  • Power query features enable deep search of your inventory and its metadata
  • Automatically document your cloud
  • Generate detailed architectural diagrams and export them as VSDX, PNG or CSV

Are cloud costs becoming unmanageable?

  • Cost optimizations to reduce your cloud bill by up to 30% or more
  • See exactly where you are spending money across your cloud, even contextualized within your cloud diagram
  • Take advantage of Azure reserved-instances (RI) & right-sizing recommendations

Is cloud security & compliance a top of mind concern?

  • Cloud security & compliance monitoring; comply with key frameworks - Azure Well-Architected, NIST, CIS, HIPPA, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, DISA and others
  • 200+ built-in customizable rules & alerts to optimize your environment
  • View issues, in context, with a powerful and interactive architectural diagrams
  • Library of automations enables you to remediate issues in real-time