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Zeliot Connected Services Pvt Ltd

Data ingestion pipeline for mobility-based devices

Is it difficult for you to manage connected mobility data at a scale?
Zeliot’s Condense helps you smoothen the whole journey, all in a few clicks!

Ingesting real-time data from millions of edge devices can be hectic, especially if you are a mid-sized or large enterprise. Firstly, it’s difficult to manage multiple teams with diverse technological skills operating large volumes of data from disparate sources. Secondly, there is less control over data and solutions impacted by it, increasing your initial investment cost and time to market.

Zeliot’s Condense, built by a team of tech-savvy automotive industry professionals, automatically scales and manages cloud infrastructure, making it easy to deploy with minimal coding requirements.

Key Technical Benefits

  • Globally accessible and deployable on your cloud subscription, ensuring more control over the data that you own. We call this Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS)!
  • Validates data packets in real-time before accepting them for further processing
  • Efficiently supports a variety of protocols, such as TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP, etc.
  • Seamlessly ensures cloud-to-the-edge (C2D) communication
  • Securely parses real-time data from various of IoT devices, irrespective of the type of integration
  • Enables a variety of connector options, allowing you to create and extend highly customized data processing pipelines, depending on the use case.

End User Benefits
  • Guarantees data privacy by sending data directly to the customer’s cloud, avoiding 3rd party access to the data
  • Takes shorter time to market as compared to any other IoT product
  • Comes with an easy-to-manage portal to seamlessly create and handle data pipelines
  • Scales and manages complexities of network interfaces, brokers, caches, and microservices without any hassle for you
  • Dynamically ingests data from any IoT or stream without having to parse the data through code
  • Provides drag & drop interface to build data pipelines from trial to production
  • Offers accessibility to extend your production pipelines for new workflows in a few clicks
What Our Customers Say

“We have been working with Zeliot very closely on the connected data platform for all of our vehicles. Zeliot’s products & services are tailored made for mobility use cases and the team has exhibited a very solid domain knowledge. What I really liked was their innovative way of offering Condense through the marketplace which ensures all the vehicle data directly comes to TVS. This has helped us to accelerate our connected mobility journey and is a win-win for both TVS and Zeliot.”

- Vikas Marwaha, TVS Motors.

About Zeliot

Zeliot is a booming tech company founded in 2018 with a vision to bring deep-tech software-managed applications to OEMs and Enterprises, allowing them to have more control over their data. Unicorn automotive OEMs and Enterprises like Royal Enfield, Ashok Leyland, TVS Motors, Taabi, Volvo Eicher, and many more have already onboarded our journey of connected mobility, and we are still counting.

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