Centralized log transformation at the edge

Seamlessly manage your logs by enriching, smart filtering, and anonymizing  using shape-shifting pipelines  before routing it to cost-efficient destinations of choice.  

Opsbrew can automatically & securely ingest logs from your services to the SIEM platform like Azure Sentinel to get automated insights. Opsbrew is an alternative to Elasticsearch to analyze your logs and send custom logs to Azure Monitor Log Analytics and then build custom detection rules in Azure Sentinel.

Opsbrew can further fork data from Azure Log Analytics and sends it to Azure Blob Storage for compliance purpose and reduce overall storage cost.

If you want to export Azure cloud logs to any other SIEM tools like Splunk, Qradadr, Elastic, Datadog, McAfee, Solarwinds etc, Opsbrew can do it seamlessly



  • Log Pipelines to ingest logs on Object Storage for compliance purpose

  • Store unwanted logs on Object storage rather than on log platform which saves cost

  • Archival logs can be used for forensics

  • Anonymization of data before reaching log analytic solutions
  • Auto-parsing & Smart filtering of real-time data flow at the source
  • PII and custom masking

  • Automatic and secure log Ingestion

  • Noise filtration at source

  • Rule-based alerts on endpoint deviations 

  • Real-time data flow dashboard 

  • Licensing is not based on the log volume