DeviceOn with Anomaly Detection Service


DeviceOn with Anomaly Detection Service


DeviceOn ADS solution is able to send the alert when digital signage/ video is running into trouble.

DeviceOn ADS is one of the service that combines anomaly detection algorithm and DeviceOn function. It not only gives customers the high accuracy identification of the error message when advertising is getting interruption but also provides the IoT device remote monitoring and management. Leverage with Azure Custom Vision to continually train the algorithm in order to overcome various errors pop-up under real field.

What’s Inside

1. Instant notification of abnormal detection: When an error occurs, the administrator is notified immediately via SMS, email, and Message APP.

2. Several interruption models for detecting various abnormal behaviors

3. Through Azure AI self-learning, judge non-numeric video playback exceptions: detect various interference playback windows, and illegal intrusions.

4. Real-time remote monitoring the HW & SW status of the digital signage per each station: CPU temperature, fan speed, voltage, software operation status... etc.

Who is suitable for DeviceOn ADS

1. Retail vendors who have plenty KIOSK, digital signage devices

2. System Integrators who can deliver integrated IoT management to their customers

3. End customers who are focusing on self-service business

4. Adverting agency who needs the add-on value when promoting their service.

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