AI, Facial recognition, Face detection

Advantech’s Faceview solution provides fast, high-precision, scalable facial recognition in real time for AIoT applications in retail, hospitality, and public safety fields. Gathering data

on gender, age, and emotion helps retailers better understand their customers and improve existing business models.

This solution also provides the VIP/Watch-list management feature that improves customer experience by instantly recognizing VIP customers when they walk in and offering better

customer service.


Feature Highlights

  •   Real-time identification and notification, supports Intel VPU/ Nvidia GPU acceleration
  •   High-precision facial recognition engine for registered ID and gender/age/emotion with 99.7 accuracy rate
  •   Customer behavior statistical analysis with visualization history event
  •   dashboard for customer analytics
  •   Provides customer ID database which can modify VIP/Blacklist ID data for improved management
  •   Provides SDK for integrating FaceView functions with current solution

Offer three stage pricing

  •   $250 with connecting non-Advantech hardware
  •   (Advantech CSP only) 70% off with connecting non-Advantech hardware


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