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Altocapa Free Trial

Altocapa Ltd

Find forgotten, oversized and misconfigured Cloud infrastructure and start saving immediately.

Use this trial version to demonstrate potential savings for both Altocapa Enterprise and Altocapa Idle versions...

Altocapa runs in the background and is laser focused on finding forgotten, oversized and misconfigured Cloud infrastructure!

Altocapa also highlights many other inefficiencies e.g., how many days (or more often years) a database may take to fill up based on a review of its growth. It may suggest a smaller size and the savings you can make. It also finds those forgotten backups and other orphaned items that would otherwise accrue cost is forever!

Altocapa provides simple recommendations that anyone can understand but also provides the details required to make those cost saving changes. It includes a workflow so you can track changes from recommendation to completion by the relevant team or rejection.

Altocapa provides continuous optimization and is the FinOps solution that helps you keep track of everything in the long term with a rolling summary dashboard. Its breadth, level of scrutiny & depth of advice goes far beyond that of other popular FinOps solutions and the Cloud platforms themselves.

Altocapa allows you to relax in the knowledge you are only paying for what you need and use in the Cloud!

Who is it for:

Altocapa is for anyone (E.g., Cloud Manager, CTO, Project/Business Manager, Engineering/DevOps Lead, Finance and FinOps personnel) who wants to have oversight and confidence in the cost efficiency of their Cloud without having to chase down every cost saving opportunity.

How does it work:

  • Altocapa monitors an extensive list of your Cloud infrastructure.
  • When it finds a resource that it recognizes as inefficient it creates an Action (see screens shots) including the potential annual saving and summary details.
  • A workflow takes care of routing the actions to the relevant team and/or engineer
  • Altocapa continues to monitor and reflects the actual changes that get made on the Cloud platform giving you confidence recommendations are followed up.

Secure easy setup:

Altocapa is a SaaS system and as such operates outside your Azure cloud. It requires limited permissions to periodically read performance/configuration data from your Cloud necessary for analysis. It can be set up and monitoring in minutes.

Altocapa cannot read any data stored in your systems e.g., business data in apps and databases. Please see included Cloud permissions data sheet for additional details.

* Savings estimates are based on the Microsoft regional on-demand price lists