Holomedicine VSI

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Holomedicine VSI

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You wish to bring your clinic up to the highest medical standards and increase patient satisfaction?

VSI Holomedicine platform provides you and your hospital with a highly beneficial tool. Speeding up processes, reducing patient fear, better preparing for upcoming surgeries and increasing precision of anatomical orientation, VSI Holomedicine is the new medical standard.

VSI Holomedicine

VSI Holomedicine displays MRI, CT and SPECT/CT images in 3 dimensions as holograms in real space using mixed reality glasses, the Microsoft HoloLens. One of the greatest advantages of VSI is the improvement of anatomical orientation. The physician sees medical images directly in 3D and can locate fractures and pathology faster, make more precise diagnoses, and better prepare for an upcoming surgery. The VSI recognizes the patient and superimposes the 3D images virtually on him. The surgeon is able to pinpoint where each structure is located, the location of the pathology, and additional important details.

Your greatest advantages

  • Improved anatomical orientation
  • Precise pathology recognition
  • maximum patient safety
  • optimal patient care
  • enormous work relief for doctors and nursing staff

Application areas

VSI covers nearly all medical fields, from ENT, dermatology, traumatology to dentistry and oral & maxillofacial.

  • surgical planning and preparation
  • telesurgery
  • documentation,
  • rounds
  • patient education
  • training of assistant doctors


Close cooperation with physicians

All uses of the product are carried out in close cooperation with our highly qualified advisory board doctors from different disciplines.

Close cooperation with Microsoft

apoQlar is official Distribution Managing Partner (DMP), Co-Selling Partner and Independent software Vendor (ISV) of Microsoft.