Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use feature management for SaaS teams.

Feature management without the hassle

FeatureBoard is the future of feature management and is tailored for SaaS teams on the hunt for a simplified yet highly potent feature management solution. FeatureBoard enhances team productivity by allowing everyone to manage software features seamlessly, not just developers.
FeatureBoard brings together feature flag configurations across all environments, reducing the risk of errors and maintenance hassles. This user-friendly product assists you in targeting audiences while keeping your CDN hit ratios high, cutting costs without compromising on quality.

Created for your team

FeatureBoard was developed by a team of developers and designers who understand the importance of empowering every member of your team. This experience translates into a product that's not just developer-friendly but made for everyone.

Audiences made easy

FeatureBoard provides the ability to segment your users or customer base into different 'Audiences' based on criteria crucial to your product or business, such as plans, roles, membership types, and trial users. Gain granular control over your targeting, optimising your product delivery and customer experience.

Environment management

Control the availability of features across all your environments from one place. FeatureBoard lets you independently enable or disable features, separating the behaviour of a feature from when it becomes accessible to your users, thereby providing a clean, clutter-free user experience.

Feature categories

FeatureBoard introduces an intuitive way to categorise your features based on their function. This innovative approach helps in managing and organising features effectively, providing a smooth operational experience.

CDN compatibility

FeatureBoard is built with a deep understanding of Content Delivery Networks. It's designed to work efficiently with any JAMStack site, along with all the other platforms you'd anticipate. This unique CDN-friendly approach ensures optimal site performance.
FeatureBoard offers a simplified, yet robust solution designed to supercharge your SaaS team's productivity.
Trust us to take care of the complexities of feature management while you focus on what truly matters: building and delivering brilliant products.