Entity Services - Leading .NET code generator


Entity Services - Leading .NET code generator


Generate fully functional, cloud native .NET code with DevOps pipelines within minutes.

About Entity Services

Entity Services is a product designed to help development teams speed up the delivery of cloud-native, enterprise-grade solutions.
Based on simple configuration files that describe data models and required components, Entity Services generates fully functional .NET code (along with DevOps pipelines) that can be deployed to the cloud within minutes.

What do you get?

- Access to Entity Services using a CLI application
- Regular library updates, support for new versions of frameworks
- Comprehensive documentation
- Support provided by team of experts in enterprise solution development

Team benefits

Developer: Instead of writing boring, repeatable, boilerplate code, from day one we can concentrate on implementing features that are actually important to the business

Project manager: With Entity Services, we can produce more accurate estimates, iterate faster and put our solution in front of the customers sooner

Architect: The generated code follows best practices and is designed with a focus on extensibility, security, and monitoring, so it is easy to maintain the quality and high standards of software development across the teams

Tester: The generated code is already thoroughly tested so we can concentrate on making sure custom business logic works flawlessly

Dev Ops Engineer: Entity Services will create the scripts for provisioning resources as well as DevOps pipelines for deploying the solution to the cloud - I just have to adjust the parameters and press the deploy button

Why Entity Services?

Exceptional ROI:

With Entity Services, you can save time and resources while building your applications. Our tool generates fully functional .NET code and has it running in the cloud within minutes. This can help you get your product to market faster and with less effort.

Predictable outcomes for your data-centric project:

Entity Services creates standardized source code across your organization, making it easier to maintain and reuse. This can help you achieve predictable outcomes for your data-centric projects.

Up-to-date with modern technologies:

Entity Services is always up-to-date with the latest technologies, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver better products to your customers.

Reusable, lowers maintenance cost:

By generating standardized source code, Entity Services makes it easier to reuse code across different projects. This can help lower maintenance costs and reduce the amount of time spent on development.

Reduced time to market:

With Entity Services, you can get your product to market faster than ever before. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver better products to your customers.

Contact us

As a first step, we recommend requesting a personalized demo where our experts will answer any question you have about the product, and you can discuss any solution you would like to create with Entity Services. // entity services - Book a demo