AXS GUARD Firewall - VPN - WAF - IAM for Azure


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AXS GUARD Firewall - VPN - WAF - IAM for Azure


(1 ratings)

AXS GUARD is a Belgian developed, all-in-one, scalable security appliance for any company worldwide

We believe that every company deserves an easy and affordable solution to securely connect its digital real estate to the Internet.

That is why we have developed AXS GUARD, a complete platform that contains everything to protect People, Network Infrastructure and Applications against the complex and advanced threats on the Internet Today, Tomorrow and in the future.

  • Connectivity - we connect everything, everywhere, always
  • Access Protection - we know who you are
  • Network Security - we secure your entire network
  • Application Security - we secure your applications
  • Content Security - we secure your in- and outgoing data

AXS GUARD combines advanced networking protection such as NG Firewall, IPS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), anti-malware, web filtering with advanced Virtual Private Networking (VPN) functionality, User Centric Access protection with built-in Strong Authentication and Content Scanning into an easy to manage appliance with an extensive set of assistance services.

AXS GUARD on Azure integrates perfectly with existing on-premises installations to create a hybrid solution that helps you migrate workloads to Azure.

Typical use cases

  • Multi-site (and Multi-Cloud) connectivity
  • WAF with optional Strong User Authentication authentication for hosted web applications
  • Internet Gateway for incoming and outgoing data protection
  • Client-to-site VPN with focus on User Authentication and Authorisation
  • VPN Concentrator for (large) Personal AXS GUARD (PAX) and Industrial all-in-one pools
  • VPN Gateway for IoT data collection and remote access

Benefits of AXS GUARD on Microsoft Azure

All-in-One - full option

It combines multiple, best-of-breed, security technologies in an integrated solution, reducing deployment and integration time. Delivered as a single virtual machine. Available on Azure, as a physical and virtual appliance.

Cost Effective

Deploy and configure in minutes by using the available templates and built-in wizard. Re-use IT knowledge of on-premise equipment to setup your Firewall, IPSec VPN, Strong Authentication Services and many more.

Central Management

Manage all your AXS GUARDs on Azure, Physical and Virtual Appliances from our AXS GUARD Cloud Portal free of charge.


AXS GUARD follows your needs of today and we continue to innovate for your needs of tomorrow


AXS GUARD on Azure is available for BYOL. Pricing starts at 0,0358 for A1v2 / Basic instances, 0,4292 for A4v2 / Enterprise versions and up. Contact Sales for details.

More information

Visit for information and [trial] licensing.