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Orchestrate your SAP operations on Azure

SYMPHONY, your AI Driven Full Stack Cloud Management Platform

Symphony, by Basis Cloud Solutions, is an AI driven full stack cloud management platform designed to automate and streamline application and cloud operations. Symphony optimises efficiency, it reduces manual errors, and boosts productivity across your IT landscape.

With over 400+ out-of-the-box features, Symphony offers comprehensive management for business-critical workloads. This revolutionary full stack cloud management platform not only automates routine tasks but also provides agile and cost- effective solutions, ensuring your business stays ahead in the fast-paced digital world. Experience the transformative power of Symphony and elevate your IT operations to new heights!

Symphony is developed by our Full Stack experts to orchestrate each planned action in and around applications and Cloud Operations. Having Symphony implemented in your landscape, you can orchestrate all actions across the complex layers which increases efficiency, boosts productivity that ultimately results in reduced human errors, increased agility and an optimized cost over the full stack.

Symphony is developped by the experts of Basis Cloud Solutions. The vision behind Symphony is to empower innovation through seamless automation and deliver unparalleled orchestration solutions for IT operations across diverse industries.

Near Zero Touch Operations

With Symphony you will achieve Near Zero Touch Operations (NZTO) in your day-2-operations, an essential necessity for any organisation.

  • Scale and Complexity – Orchestrating your day-2-operarions with Symphony allows any organisation to manage their complex IT landscape and achieve NZTO and it allows you to scale your team with indefinate parralel orchestration!
  • Cost Efficiency – Symhpny’s orchestration will optimize your teams productivity and improve your cost efficiency.
  • Agility, Innovation and Competitive Advantage – This enables faster deployment of IT resources, quicker resolution of issues, and more efficient delivery of services, allowing you to innovate and adapt more rapidly to changing needs. This will lead to increased market share, customer satisfaction, and overall greater business success.
  • Reliability and Resilience – Orchestration will reduce the risk of human errors, ensure consistent use of best practices and standards en automating fault detection and recovery actions. Get ready to enhance the reliability and resilience of your IT lansdscape.

  • Compliance and Security – Symphony improves compliance by automating security checks, audits, and reporting, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential thread.

In summary, Near Zero Touch Operations is essential for any organisation to effectively manage their IT landscapes, drive operational efficiency, maintain compliance and security, and stay competitive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Benefits of Symphony

  • Full stack automation across the layers
  • Optimized downtime during and post migration
  • High fidelity design and landing zone preparation
  • Rigorous and automated testing
  • Zero touch operations post migration
  • Full stack engineer support Zero issues post go-live