Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric Security Analytics


Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric Security Analytics


Risk Fabric analytics allow organizations to rapidly identify and address their leading cyber risks.


The Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric Security Analytics platform, covers a vast array of strategic use cases spanning nearly every area of enterprise security – from threat detection and information protection to risk management, compliance and top-down security management.

Through open integration with security infrastructure and other key data sources, from the endpoint to the cloud, Risk Fabric provides rapid identification and prioritization of emerging threats, allowing for rapid visualization, investigation and response.

Backed by advanced machine learning that enables real-time integration and analysis of massive volumes of event and user/entity data, Risk Fabric automates workflows ranging from targeted and predictive threat hunting to remediation orchestration.

Finally, Risk Fabric creates detailed visibility into a wide range of security management metrics regarding the evolving coverage and health of IT security systems and policies, spanning the enterprise risk surface from users, devices and data, to applications and the cloud.

Value Proposition

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric provides an integrated, contextually enriched view of cyber risks in your enterprise. The solution collects, correlates and analyzes large amounts of security event data from across diverse sources, including all data in channels (data telemetry), user access (identity telemetry), corporate asset data, and alerts from other security systems (threat telemetry).

Thanks to a flexible and intuitive user interface, Risk Fabric allows analysts to rapidly differentiate between malicious and otherwise risky activities - pinpointing both real threats and prevalent issues created by broken business processes - and automatically generates remediation recommendations that accelerate response.

Use Cases

Specific use cases enabled by Risk Fabric include:

  • DLP Optimization and Data Security Analytics
  • Targeted and Insider Threat Hunting
  • Cyber Breach Analytics
  • Risk and Vulnerability Prioritization

Target Audience

Risk Fabric delivers a wide array of use cases and results for stakeholders including:

  • InfoSec C-Suite (CISO, CSO, CIO)
  • Security operations and operations management
  • InfoSec operations and data security management
  • Risk remediation and vulnerability management


Risk Fabric caters to numerous vertical industries including:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Retail