Smart Connected 'Powered Industrial Vehicles'


Smart Connected 'Powered Industrial Vehicles'


Digitally track & monitor industrial vehicles for safety and real-time visibility into Operations

IMPORTANT NOTE - Birlasoft Smart Connected PIV solution does NOT collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) information of any person or employee. Our solution works on the premises of the clients, helping them to enable a safer work environment. The solution provides many features for reducing the chances of accidents / collision where Powered Industrial Vehicles such as forklifts and humans work within the same premises (e.g. warehouses, factories, etc.). Depending upon the scenario and the requirement of the customer, person/employee on the floor may / may not have a need to carry a digital tag. This tag is only used to detect proximity with other similar tags mounted on PIV vehicles on the premises. There is no personal information attached to the tag. And only this tag is traced within the premises and not any person or employee.

Smart Connected PIV (Power Industrial Vehicles) solution enables real-time visibility and provides asset intelligence to the entire Asset and Production value chain. This solution provides real-time monitoring, tracking, performance analysis, operational safety and control functionalities to PIV operations on the shop floor and in the warehouses. An Azure cloud-based solution, Smart Connected PIV can be integrated with industrial applications such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Planning/Scheduling, and Maintenance to optimize operations and Return on Assets (RoA). The solution, therefore, seamlessly connects OEMs, end-users, and third-party maintenance service providers. 

Key Features - 

• Operations Safety Visualization & Controls 

• Asset and Operations Performance insights Dashboards

• Seamless connectivity with different PIVs and Business System

• Secured end-to-end value-add services

Using Microsoft Azure native services, such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure DB, Azure resources (VMs, network, etc.), and other Azure services, Birlasoft provides a robust, agile and secure solution enabling a safer work environment.

For more information on the solution features and customer success stories, read the brochure (link provided below).

Key Benefits - 

• Improves shop floor safety by prevention and avoidance of machine and human safety events and incidents / accidents
• Improves PIV efficiency and cost of operations by real-time OEE performance monitoring and analysis
• Improves PIV capacity utilization and operations material flow efficiency through bottleneck and utilization insights

•  Improves ROA through asset reliability, operations, and performance intelligence 

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