Sentiment Analysis (Call Centre) by BiTQ


Sentiment Analysis (Call Centre) by BiTQ


An Azure solution for extracting sentiment from call centre audio and presenting insights to staff

Many companies are using  call centres as a customer interface to understand their needs and provide effective support, with the goal of maximising satisfaction and retention. These resources remain a reliable engagement method despite the rise of modern avenues such as social media and digital assistant platforms.

Conversations provide a rich source of information about trends in customer needs and how effectively they are being addressed. However, phone conversation big data is challenging to analyse due to factors like: 

  • the sheer volume of information that is required  to be analysed, 
  • the unstructured nature of audio data that makes it difficult to search
  • the enormous quantity of text generated during call transcriptions

Our product offering aims to address the challenge of understanding customer satisfaction at scale from phone conversations, leveraging advanced AI capabilities of the Azure ecosystem in a “glassbox” approach that enables customers to have full control over their call centre analytics process.

At its heart, our technology solution utilises Azure Cognitive Services for speech-to-text conversation and opinion mining, in combination with cloud compute and storage infrastructure, creating a seamless workflow that facilitates:

  1. Automatic conversion of large volumes of call audio data into usable formatted text.
  2. Mining these transcripts for sentiment patterns that can be used to understand customers and to extract insights about customer feelings and opinions.
  3. Secure retention of analysis results using Azure big data infrastructure

This valuable data source can then be analysed using a variety of analytics tools such as Power BI to visualise trends of interest.

Our solution enables clients to better understand and anticipate customer satisfaction and scale in a timely and reliable manner through effective integration of cloud infrastructure that enables them to be effective custodians of their call centre analytics process.

In addition to the integrated analytics reporting package, our team can also work with you to provide additional, customised reporting to address key business questions across multiple Stakeholders within your business. This is truly where the ability to customise this product can offer you a tailored, fit for purpose solution rather than an off the shelf, pre-boxed product that you try to make fit.