BlendVision One - VOD & Live Streaming Platform


(17 ratings)

BlendVision One - VOD & Live Streaming Platform


(17 ratings)

All-in-one multimedia cloud solution offering video-on-demand, live streaming and content management

Deliver tomorrow's video successes, today. BlendVision One is a no-code, all-in-one video streaming platform that enables you to livestream in 4K, encode and distribute on-demand videos globally to any platform.

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Video On Demand (VOD) Streaming

Stream globally, watch seamlessly, on any screen - with our simplified online video platform.

- PTE (Per-Title-Encoding) for bitrate and storage optimization

- Smart ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) streaming for multi-platform.

- Multiple resolutions from 240P to 4K

- Multi codecs: AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265)

- HLS and DASH manifest

- Video hosting and customizable showrooms

- Built-In CDN delivery


From capture to playback, our ultra-low latency livestream delivers immersive viewing experiences and seamless engagement with your global audience.

- Livestreaming (Up to 4K)

- Simulive streaming with pre-recorded videos

- DVR (start-over)

- Ultra-low latency (ULL)

- Live-to-VOD replay

- Signal ingestion: RTMP, RTMPS

- HLS and DASH Manifest

- Live event hosting and customized showrooms

- Interaction tools (chatrooms, polls)

Content Security

Stream with a fortified DRM solution. Keep your videos safe from unauthorized access with comprehensive content protection options.

- DRM (FairPlay, Widevine, PlayReady)

- Watermark: Customized Images, Viewer IDs

- Domain Restrictions

- Geo-Region Restrictions

- Access Controls and Concurrent Device Limitations

- Playback Date/time Scheduling


Enjoy an easy-to-configure player that adapts to every viewing platform.

- iFrame (Web & iOS/Android WebView)

- Web SDK


- Android SDK

API and SDK Integration

Build and customize your streaming service with comprehensive APIs and SDKs. For more information, please refer to our Developer Guide at

Organized Reports and User Permissions

Make informed decisions and measure your success with aggregated data; Drive team efficiency and streamline your operation with one centralized management system.

- Performance metrics

- Live engagement reports

- Billing and usage dashboards

- Multi-user permissions to CMS

Up to 80% Bitrate and Storage Savings

Improve your cost efficiency while streaming high-resolution content with technologies powered by BlendVision One.

- Per-Title Encoding (PTE)

- Perceptual Streaming Engine (PSE)

- High Efficiency Video Codecs (HEVC/H.265)

Use Cases and Industries

- Internal corporate communications

- eLearning and online education

- Live entertainment

- Sports/Esports

- Investor relations

- Webinars

- And More...

Pricing Information

Our pricing plans include different monthly usage limits, depending on the plan you choose.

- Lite: 1,000GB CDN, 1,000GB Storage (200GB Encoding included), 10k DRM Requests, 10hrs Livestream, 1 Concurrent Livestream, 2 User Accounts

- Basic: 3,000GB CDN, 2,000GB Storage (400GB Encoding included), 60k DRM Requests, 20hrs Livestream, 5 Concurrent Livestreams, 5 User Accounts

- Plus: 5,000GB CDN, 4,000GB Storage (1,000GB Encoding included), 150k DRM Requests, 50hrs Livestream, 10 Concurrent Livestreams, Unlimited User Accounts

Please note that upgrades will only take effect from the next billing cycle. To ensure a smooth transition, please contact us to confirm the information before proceeding with the upgrade.

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