Bookado for Teams

Bookado sp. z o.o.

Bookado for Teams

Bookado sp. z o.o.

Meeting rooms and desks reservation system for Microsoft Teams. Go back to the office safe!

Bookado allows you to book rooms and desks directly from Teams application.

It's very simple and intuitive - in Bookado, resources are marked with colors that will quickly show you the status of the room or desk.

Add Bokado to your Teams and stay up to date with the availability of rooms and desks at your office!


  1. Find and book rooms using a list. Bookado integrates with your enterprise calendar to list all rooms and show them in order of availability. Simply choose your location and time and book rooms ad hoc or in advance.
  2. Room filtering by location. You know the rooms you prefer and the ones that suit your needs. Filter your list by location and check the availability of specific rooms. Browse only what you need when looking for a meeting space.
  1. Desk Bookings. Employees get a pool of available desks and can view the list in their Bookado app. When all spaces are booked, the other employees will know that they have to stay at home that day.

  2. Reception - resource and user's calendar events report


  • It’s quick. Employees don’t waste time searching for rooms or other resources.

  • It’s compatible. It works with the company Office 365 calendar .

  • It is intuitive and simple in use - You don't have to leave MS Teams to manage your meetings

  • You can schedule meetings by setting the date, range of hours or anticipated duration of the meeting.

  • You can create reports showing events of a user and events of a particular resource