Identity Management Solution


Identity Management Solution


Modern Management solution for end user Identity Protection and Access Management to data and apps

Maximize enterprise user protection – Minimize Attack Surface – Increase user experience

Your company’s people, their mailbox and endpoint are at the main target of the raising number of modern cyber-attacks. Security breaches are common to begin from a single compromised account. How protected is your company’s infrastructure against incidents to illegally obtain user credentials?

Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) enables you to identify identity risks in real time, gain insight from the applications you use, and overall help you improve your organization's identity security level (Azure Identity Secure Score).

Byte Computer can help you gain full visibility and control of your environment. Ensure that the right users have access to the right resources whenever necessary and maintain sensitive information protected.

AADP is a secure, simple to utilize, unified service for identity and access management. Byte Computer offer managed services to implement, control and report over your business users, devices, applications, and data protection by enabling:

• Strong Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for User Identity verification

Conditional Access and control policies to maintain the security of your company's resources, both in the Cloud and On-premises world.

• Automated admin notification with prompt and periodical reports (response) regarding potential risks from account breaches or unauthorized access attacks

• Rich insights for alerts and suspicious user behavior

• Additional security level managing user identities with Microsoft's integrated Zero Trust model.

Check the table below for Azure AD features availability.

To safeguard your user valuable information and to reduce possible risks of identity theft, it is recommended to deploy AADP for your user accounts.

Identity and Access Managed Services (AADP):

  • Activation and configuration of Multi-factor Authentication for user entry with simple and strong data authentication (via app or call to mobile)
  • Enforce conditional access policies for accessing Online and On-premise applications. Organizational role-based access control to cloud resources (RBAC)
  • Configuration Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and hybrid solution for Office 365 users
  • Leverage the Security Score analysis and implement proposals to increase protection