CloudCasa for Azure Arc - Backup, Restore, DR, and Migration for Azure Arc Kubernetes Clusters

Catalogic Software

CloudCasa for Azure Arc - Backup, Restore, DR, and Migration for Azure Arc Kubernetes Clusters

Catalogic Software

Kubernetes backup, restore, DR, and migration. Granular cross-cluster and cross-cloud recovery.

CloudCasa is a Kubernetes backup, recovery, DR, and migration service for development, DevOps, platform engineering and IT ops teams. It supports AKS and all other major Kubernetes distributions and managed services including EKS, GKE, and Red Hat OpenShift. CloudCasa can also centrally manage existing Velero backup installations across multiple clusters and cloud providers. Just install the agent on your clusters and let CloudCasa do all the hard work of protecting your cluster resources and persistent data, providing the business continuity and compliance that your business requires.

Note: This container is for installation on Azure Arc Kubernetes clusters. For installation on AKS clusters, see the CloudCasa for Azure marketplace listing. For installation on other Kubernetes clusters, see the CloudCasa web site.

Why Choose CloudCasa?
From a single dashboard, CloudCasa makes managing cross-cluster, cross-tenant, cross-region and cross-cloud backups and recoveries easy. Through our Azure integration, cluster recovery and migration include the ability to automatically re-create an entire cluster along with its vNETs, add-ons, and load balancers. Cluster and storage parameters can easily be modified as part of the process.

For users of Velero, CloudCasa also includes the ability to centrally catalog, monitor and manage existing Velero backups across multiple clusters. You can even use a recovery point created with Velero from any on-premises or cloud environment to perform full-stack AKS recoveries in your Azure region or tenant of choice.

CloudCasa was named a 2024 leader and outperformer in the GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes data protection report. Get the free GigaOm decision brief.

Our premium service plans allow you to back up your persistent volumes to CloudCasa's secure cloud storage, available locally in most Azure regions, or to your own object storage. Premium plans also include unlimited retention times, immutable recovery points, API access, unlimited users in an organization, and premium support.

The CloudCasa for Azure plan offers all of the sophisticated capabilities of our other service plans with the convenience of purchasing and installing through the Azure Marketplace. It is restricted to managing AKS and Azure Arc-enabled clusters, and is priced based on the number of worker nodes running in your clusters. For information about other CloudCasa service plans, you can visit the CloudCasa web site.

CloudCasa is backed by Catalogic Software, a proven data protection company with over 30 years of experience safeguarding enterprise data.

Agent Installation Instructions:
  1. Before installing the agent on your first cluster, you should sign up for a CloudCasa account at: After logging in, go to the Configuration/Service Plans page, select the Marketplace tab, and enable the CloudCasa for Azure service plan.
  2. Start the installation process from the marketplace, and a new tabbed window will open. Under the "Basics" tab select the subscription and resource group within which your AKS cluster is located.
  3. Under the "Cluster Details" tab, choose the cluster on which you wish to install the CloudCasa agent by selecting it from the drop-down list.
  4. In the "Cluster Extensions Details" tab, provide a name for the extension. This should normally be “CloudCasa”. Then enter CloudCasa’s cluster ID for the cluster. You can obtain a cluster ID by logging in to the CloudCasa Portal, adding your cluster under Clusters/Overview, and noting the ID returned on the final page of the wizard.
  5. Complete the installation process.
  6. Once the agent is installed and running, the cluster state will change to “Active” in the CloudCasa portal.

For further information, see the CloudCasa User’s Guide.