Cirrus Migrate Cloud, Sponsored by Azure

Cirrus Data Solutions Inc

Cirrus Migrate Cloud, Sponsored by Azure

Cirrus Data Solutions Inc

Azure-Funded Migration of On-Premises block-level storage with analysis and cost optimization

Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) is a purpose-built block-level Migration-as-a-Service solution that is patented and proven to securely and reliably migrate live data from any block storage for any host to Microsoft Azure with near-zero downtime or, in some cases, absolutely no downtime. CMC is the only solution you need for any block storage migration, even when migrating VMware. No exceptions. Additionally, Azure customers can automate the non-disruptive migration of block data between Azure storage tiers and resize storage volumes to reduce cost. Now fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, CMC enables organizations to access storage recommendations based on the Azure offerings available and their unique storage environment. Ready to start taking advantage of the benefits available with Azure? Don’t wait. CMC will help you reach your goals 4 – 6 times faster than traditional tools without complication or security compromise.

Here is what you get in this Azure Sponsored offer:

· Azure-Funded CMC Licenses for Unlimited Capacity to migrate block data from any on-premises block storage or block storage within other cloud providers to Azure native cloud storage services, including Premium SSD v2, Ultra Disk, and Elastic SAN. with a storage analysis and cost optimization report.

· Azure Onboarding Assessment with On-Premises Storage Analysis and Cost Optimization Report

· 2 One-Hour Support Calls with a Cirrus Data Support Engineer

· Unlimited CMC Product Support via email

· Access to Cirrus Data’s extensive Customer Support Knowledgebase

NOTE: This Azure Sponsored offer does NOT include block data migration into 3rd party Azure storage services like NetApp or between Azure storage tiers. Please visit Cirrus Data Licensing in Azure Marketplace to obtain licensing for these projects.

How to get Started:

· Click the Contact Me button above on the left to register for this Azure Sponsored program.

· Team Cirrus will respond to you via email to schedule your call with a technical representative who will organize your Azure Onboarding Assessment engagement and you are on your way.

· Our Product Support team is always available if you have questions or need help.

NOTE: Cirrus Data provides comprehensive data migration project planning and implementation services. For more information, please visit our Cirrus Migrate Turnkey listing in the Azure Marketplace.

Migrate from ANY storage on ANY platform at ANY location to Microsoft Azure Storage WHILE SYSTEMS ARE RUNNING

Key Benefits

· Significantly increase your ROI and time-to-value on new storage

· Improve IT team productivity and efficiencies

· Unlock all block storage environments with any-to-any migration

· Eliminate human errors with built-in automation and security

· Keep your business running with zero to near-zero downtime

· Reduce carbon footprint faster

Cirrus Migrate Cloud was designed from the ground up to eliminate the friction organizations typically experience when migrating block data to the cloud. This “as-a-Service" software-only solution uses no physical or virtual appliances on-site. Organizations can deploy thousands of host-based migration sessions with limitless scalability and without impeding production traffic. An intuitive web interface provides visibility and management of all migration sessions from all source locations on a single screen, streamlining the entire migration.

Our intelligent QoS (iQoS) provides real-time traffic monitoring for storage area networks (SANs). Organizations establish traffic thresholds and migration behaviors based on their unique business requirements, and CMC automatically adjusts the data migration to a level that matches predetermined thresholds.

24x7x365 Premium support is available to assure project success.

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