Unleashing patient-reported data to improve clinical care, maximize compliance and reimbursements.

cliexa® is the ideal full-stack virtual health cloud solution utilizing patient-reported data, to bridge the physician-patient relationship to optimize your day-to-day workflow.

cliexa is a full-stack virtual health platform that provides digital intake, screening, and remote patient monitoring services tailored to any sub-specialty. The platform increases clinical efficiency with customized intake workflows and up-front screening tools that automatically qualify patients for clinical reimbursements. cliexa integrates critical patient data between appointments by connecting clinicians to their patients through remote patient monitoring tools. The goal of cliexa's platform solution is to provide actionable data directly to the patient's chart with robust, automated compliance support. cliexa empowers physicians by giving them opportunities to enhance their workflow, increase reimbursements, and improve outcomes.

cliexa’s virtual solutions platform delivers every step of the way:

Patient Onboarding (before visit):

  • Remote Check-in

  • Consent forms

  • Reimbursement Driven Custom Screeners

  • Claims Data Integration

Clinical Documentation (during visit):

  • Patient Clinical Data Pull From Other Providers

  • Subspecialty Agnostic Rist Reporting

  • Auto-generated Progress Notes

  • Telehealth Module

Revenue Cycle Management (after visit):

  • Policy-based Risk Reports

  • Coding Alerts For billing

  • MIPS and Quality Reporting in EMR

  • Workflow updates for claim denials

Remote-Patient Monitoring (between visits):

  • Subspecialty Specific Disease Activity Monitoring

  • Connected Device Data

  • Medication Adherence

  • Clinician Alerts

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