WordPress Server + PhpMyAdmin + MySQL

Cloud Infrastructure Services

WordPress Server + PhpMyAdmin + MySQL

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Deploy WordPress on Windows Server 2016 with built-in MySql, IIS and phpMyAdmin

WordPress Server + PhpMyAdmin + MySQL On Windows Server 2016

WordPress comes pre-installed on Windows Server 2016 running MySQL Community Edition and IIS. phpMyAdmin is pre-installed allowing you to easily edit WordPress mysql database.

Host as many websites / applications as you need. Share websites internally or externally over the internet

Build as many Mysql databases as you need

Wordpress Features

  • WordPress
  • Mysql
  • IIS
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Host unlimited websites / applications
  • Build unlimited Mysql databases
  • Wordpress Quick Setup

    Open up the desktop shortcut called (localhost) Follow the onscreen setup instructions to configure how you would like WordPress configured

    The Default installation path of WordPress is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\

    MysSQL database credentials are:
    MYSQL Username: root
    MYSQL Password: #my4q17mgtk

    WordPress Database details are:
    Database Name: wordpress722
    Database User Name: wordpressuser722
    Database Password: _D741xv%ORJg

    Wordpress Post Setup

    Post configuration guide: How to Setup WordPress in Azure