Teams Migration

A solution to fully migrate Microsoft Teams.

Teams Migration


A solution to fully migrate Microsoft Teams.

Migrate hundreds of teams per day. Without regard to the number of teams the user is part of!

  • Split, and merge your teams (one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one channel).
  • Everywhere you want (teams, SharePoint sites, libraries, or folders).
  • Audit and discover your teams and channels to migrate.
  • Migrate your Slack teams to Microsoft Teams, including channel selection (public or private).

“Microsoft Teams usage continues to grow worldwide, and migration between different teams or from different collaboration systems can be a requirement. With years of experience and a new interface, Cloudiway offers a solution to MSPs and IT Professionals.” - Mike Ammerlaan, Director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft Corp. 

  • Teams are recreated.
  • The associated SharePoint Modern Site is created.
  • The flag Public / Private is migrated.
  • Owners and Members are migrated.
  • The SharePoint Site is migrated.
  • The associated mailbox is migrated.
  • Channels (Slack/Teams) are recreated.
  • Conversations are migrated (including @Mentions)
  • Planners are migrated (tabs, plans, buckets, and tasks including start date, due date, assignees, status, checklist, and references).
  • Files are migrated.
  • Metadata (date of creation, modification, creator, modified by on files, and site items are migrated).
  • OneNote tabs are migrated.
  • Discovery (GetList)
  • Audit
  • PreProcessing (Automatic Creation of Teams)
  • Renaming and Reorganization
  • Batch Migration
  • Delta Passes