Managed Detection and Response for Azure

Paladion Networks
Give your Azure deployment rapid, comprehensive, turn-key protection

Managed Detection and Response for Azure

Paladion Networks

Give your Azure deployment rapid, comprehensive, turn-key protection

Protect your Azure deployment with Paladion’s comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. This fully-managed service leverages next-generation AI to defend your Azure deployment at every stage of a threat’s lifecycle. When you subscribe to Paladion’s service you will gain advanced Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Security Monitoring, Incident Analysis, and Incident Response— all for a fraction of the cost to develop these defensive capabilities in-house.

Advance your Azure cyber defenses. Last-generation security practices cannot defend your Azure deployment. Traditional managed security services use rules, signatures, and alerts that cannot effectively monitor your complex, dynamic Azure environment.

Upgrade to deeper detection today. Paladion’s service continuously applies advanced security analytics to your Azure deployment’s endpoint, application, network, and user behavior data to find complex threats before they cause harm. And once it finds a threat in your deployment, Paladion’s AI-driven service automatically investigates, contains, and responds to minimize each attack’s impact.

Subscribe to Paladion’s MDR service, and receive:

  • Threat Anticipation: Find and fill gaps in your defense before emerging threats exploit them (via Paladion’s global threat intelligence feeds).
  • Threat Hunting: Discover the advanced threats lurking in your system that your traditional security missed (via Paladion’s machine learning platform and experienced Threat Hunters).
  • Big Data SIEM: Build a next-generation SIEM and detect known threats in near-real-time (via Paladion’s customized rules and correlations).
  • End-point Detection & Response: Continuously monitor and respond to known and unknown threats in your endpoints (via Paladion’s Managed EDR Agents).
  • Network Threat Analytics: Detect tomorrow’s complex, creative, multi-channel attacks (via Paladion’s multi-vector threat intelligence analysis & cross-data-pool anomaly correlation).
  • User Behavior Analytics: Detect unusual user activity—including users accessing inappropriate endpoints, acting at unexpected hours, or executing unexpected applications (via Paladion’s comprehensive User Behavior monitoring).
  • Auto Threat Containment: Stop threats that have breached your networks before they achieve their malicious goals (via Paladion’s advanced AI and Machine Learning platform).
  • Incident Response: Immediately investigate, contain, and remediate attacks (via Paladion’s AI platform and team of incident responders collaborating with your in-house team).
  • Round-the-clock monitoring: Gain 24x7x365 security monitoring (via Paladion’s 1,000+ virtual and on-premise security experts located in every time zone).
  • Simplified security visibility: Monitor your entire Azure security posture on one dashboard .