Managed VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edge


Managed VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edge


Extend your SD-WAN environment into Azure using Coevolve's Managed SD-WAN Virtual Edge.

Coevolve is a leading provider of Telco-Independent SD-WAN and cloud networking solutions, with services deployed and managed in more than 70 countries.

This offering extends an existing Coevolve-provided VMware SD-WAN solution into Microsoft Azure, with a managed Virtual Edge deployed in the client's Azure environment.


Coevolve will provide the following as part of this offer:

  1. Conduct a 1 hour remote design review to understand the requirements and determine the sizing of the solution
  2. Develop a proposal for the implementation and ongoing management of the SD-WAN edge
  3. Install and configure the SD-WAN edge in Azure
  4. Configure routing between Azure and the client's existing network environment
  5. Verify connectivity to 2 other sites in the network
  6. Provide ongoing monitoring and support for the SD-WAN edge

What will be managed?

When setting up this service, the client will create an Azure Resource Group and delegate management of this to Coevolve. Once this has been completed, Coevolve will use Azure Lighthouse delegated access to create a VMware SD-WAN edge in this resource group. The sizing and configuration of this virtual SD-WAN edge will be based on the outcome of the remote design review.

Coevolve will then create the virtual SD-WAN edge in the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, and configure it as part of the client's network.

On an ongoing basis, Coevolve will monitor and manage the SD-WAN edge instance in Azure. Coevolve will use the Azure Lighthouse portal to periodically monitor the virtual instance, reviewing log files and anomalies, in addition to the monitoring that will be performed at the SD-WAN overlay level. Additionally, Coevolve will use this delegated access for troubleshooting and instance-level administration (reboots, etc.)

Value proposition:

Enterprises are increasingly moving workloads to the Azure cloud, and traditional connectivity mechanisms between the WAN and the Azure cloud may require backhauling traffic to a data center or other hub site. This can result in performance limitations.

By deploying a VMware SD-WAN Edge directly in the Azure cloud, the Azure-based workloads are connected to the network in the same way as any other locations, providing a high level of consistency and visibility. The client can apply existing optimizations to the Azure traffic flows, using familiar business policies.

As the client expands its Azure deployment to other geographical regions, additional SD-WAN edges can be deployed as required, allowing for optimized performance and redundancy.

About Coevolve:

Coevolve provides telco-independent SD-WAN and cloud networking solutions to enterprises in more than 65 countries. Our clients use more than 300 ISPs and telcos globally.