Comarch Open Platform


Comarch Open Platform


Comarch Open Platform allows to create the omnichannel digital banking system.

Comarch Open Platform is a cloud-native, microservices-based digital banking platform that takes advantage of newest technologies in order to enable banks to build scalable, reliable solutions using proven tools and approaches. By combining ready-made corporate banking modules for quick time to market together with agile co-development practices, it allows clients to take active part in implementation project, thus allowing them to make their solution truly unique.

Comarch Open Platform is designed to provide a universal building platform for enabling banks and financial institutions to build services of the highest quality ecosystem for SME and corporate banking through a set of out-of-the-box components, processes and services.

Choose between ready-made modules such as SME Banking, Corporate Banking, Comarch Trade Finance etc. and create a complex digital finance ecosystem that truly fits the needs of even the most demanding business clients, in a rapidly changing environment.

Work in multiple parallel streams thanks to a microservice and micro-frontend based architecture. Take advantage of tried-and-tested DevOps tools and processes for a smooth deployment experience and shorter implementation time.

What’s more, you can already use a ready product or adjust-and-develop it to your special needs with us, your own IT or outside vendors.

Improve your customer’s journey and shape your digital future with Comarch Open Platform.

Collaboration-focused digital banking platform combining the best elements of buying and building

Microservices and micro-frontends based architecture – Agile development of the ecosystem, quick time-to-market

Cloud native – Modern, stable solution supporting the openness of the platform

Design system – Supplied components for development of a seamless UX/UI

DevOps tools and processes – A complete set of mechanism for smooth development and integration of new values

Ready-made modules and coherent processes through different channelsDeliver value even faster

Ecosystem creation – Easy integration with VASes (either bank or third-party)

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