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CB Exchange Content Censor

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Restrict Confidential Information when Accessing Exchange Calendar or Email

Do you need to prevent confidential information from leaving your secure internal network?
As an add-on to Connecting Software’s CB Exchange Server Sync, Exchange Content Censor prevents internal employees from exposing sensitive information and restricts Exchange calendar data from leaving your secure network. You can control what to restrict, such as attachments, addresses, signatures, names, etc.

Key Benefits:

⊛ Control confidentiality of mailbox data | ex: when using a CRM which automatically tracks emails, internal emails are not synced based on filters on the “From” and “To” fields

⊛ Control user subject prefix for easy recognition of restricted email | ex: original subject of meeting – “Bank Statement Problem”; the subject of synced meeting – “[SECURE] Bank Statement Problem”

⊛ Limit maximum characters in calendar appointment body based on subject keyword | ex: if the subject of the appointment has the name of Client X, the text of that appointment can be limited, preventing sensitive information from being synced to the destination mailbox

⊛ Filter out emails based on email origin (From) and destination (To) or keywords in the subject or body | ex: if the email subject contains the name of Partner Y, the email is not synced to the destination mailbox

⊛ Automatically remove attachments | ex: in the original meeting invite, the bank statement of the client is attached, and in the synced meeting, the attachment is not there

This solution is an add-on to CB Exchange Server Sync and can be combined with CB Super Secure Exchange Server.

Supported Versions in any combination: Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Online, Office 365

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