Amdocs Integration Platform as a Service - iPaaS


Amdocs Integration Platform as a Service - iPaaS


A modular cloud-based, flexible and adaptable integration platform designed for telco and media SPs

iPaaS platform is a suit of modules for connecting systems and data across different environments, including cloud (hybrid and multi-cloud integrations).

The platform is fully-managed specifically designed for communications and media service providers as they navigate the ever-growing integration requirements of their digital journeys.

Amdocs iPaaS is a modular on-premise, cloud and on-prem hybrid integration service, leveraging an agnostic, flexible and adaptable integration platform, enabling you to connect and integrate any endpoint seamlessly and efficiently, while reducing the burden of integration-related costs.

With its telco-specific technology foundation, tools and full integration lifecycle services, the service supports any integration environment and endpoint, accelerating time to market for new services and innovation, while reducing operational risk and saving significant IT integration costs.

The Amdocs iPaaS innovation manifests in the following unique manner:

◼ Technology (IP platform) – developed by Amdocs based on existing technology and new developments. The platform features unique capabilities to dramatically reduce integration time and costs.

◼ Enterprise grade data processing module – Using a real-time data processing engine to apply codeless logic and classification to massive amounts of data and transforming that data into a unique persistent model that supports operational and analytics tasks.

Type of user that benefits from iPaaS: IT, Digital, Partners, COO

Business drivers: Digital transformation, legacy modernization, OTT onboarding, API monetization, M&A, migration