is a cloud-native enterprise data catalog. makes it easy for everyone - not just the "data people" - to get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question. Our multi-tenant SaaS-based data catalog maps your siloed, distributed data to familiar and consistent business concepts, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use. makes data and analysis…
  • Findable and accessible
  • Trusted and up-to-date
  • Connected and in-context
  • Reusable and portable
  • Collaborative and actionable

All your knowledge

Metadata and definitions don't make data useful on their own. gives you complete context. Metadata, definitions, plus data, dashboards, analysis, code, docs, plus project management and social collaboration features.

Born in the cloud

We are cloud-native SaaS, with highly available multi- and single-tenant offerings that scale bigger, perform better, and evolve faster. No software to download and install. No painful, disruptive upgrades.

Easy to use

You can't multiply data's value if only a fraction of your people can find, understand, and use it. is self-service for your entire business. Our focus on good design and social user experience empowers everyone from IT people, data scientists, and stewards, to analysts, non-technical executives, and other business users.

Powered by knowledge graph

Automatically build a connected web of data and insights to explore relationships within your data. Get recommendations on related assets and use it to enrich your analysis. The best part is the more you use's patented knowledge graph technology, the smarter your data and your people get.

Built to integrate

Deploy faster and extend your capabilities farther with's growing array of integrations, connectors, APIs, and real-time webhooks.

One-of-a-kind expertise

We built the world’s largest open data community. Imagine what we've learned from hundreds of thousands of users, datasets, and interactions. This deep and unrivaled knowledge informs everything we do for enterprises, too.