Dataprius Cloud


(2 ratings)

Dataprius Cloud


(2 ratings)

Dataprius. Cloud Storage Solution for Business.

This application is available in English | Spanish | Catalan

Dataprius offers a different way to work with files in the Cloud. It is designed for companies. It is not just another virtual drive. There is no need of synchronisation. Maximum file protection against local threats. It allows you to work with company files without synchronizing, without conflicts, with multiple Users connected at the same time.

Main features

  • Cloud Storage with guaranteed security and privacy.
    A software that uses Microsoft Azure for storage. The only system that offers double regional storage with equal quality for large companies. Dataprius complies with the Data Protection Act. GDPR.

  • Exceptionally easy to use. Our clients agree with us..
    Works just like Windows desktop. Using Windows all your life? In less than 5 minutes you will be an expert handling files and folders in the Cloud with Dataprius. Easy management of Users’ folder permissions.Today, the Dataprius folder permissions model is a success.

  • Truly concurrent for users.
    Multiple users can work concurrently with hundreds or thousands of files. No limitations on storage and connected users. No file conflicts. Direct work with files in Cloud.

  • Your documents protected from threats like Ransomware and other virus.
    Dataprius maintains your company's files in the Cloud, isolating them from attacks and viruses such as Ransomware that may affect your company.

  • Safe emails sending is included in the system.
    Share large files with clients by Email. International data security and data protection authorities recommend sending files using the Dataprius method. Sending over SSL links is a standard. No other application is needed. Integrated secure mail.

  • Cloud Backups.
    Automatic backups every week in different geographical areas so you don’t need to worry. Make on-demand cloud backups. Backups can be downloaded from anywhere.

  • Customised with your company logos.
    The application and Web are customised with your company logo. Projects the image of your company when it comes to sharing files stored in the Cloud. Your customers and employees access an environment with their own corporate image.

  • Real technical support carried out by qualified personnel.
    Real technical support to help our customers. Without computer jargon and without the hassle of generic Call Centres. Focus on solving any problem.

  • A storage network solution for companies

    All companies need central document storage. All those files can be stored in the Cloud and shared inside the company and with customers. Forget about local servers. The Cloud allows payment for use, adjusting resources to the needs of the moment. Reduce and rationalise costs.