Persona 360

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Persona 360

DataSentics s.r.o.

Accelerate your AI transformation and develop use cases quickly, without reinventing the wheel

As customer expectations shift towards personalization and customization, Persona 360, a data AI product built on top of your existing data platform (Azure, AWS, Databricks, etc.), unifies customer profiles and enhances them with digital behavior insights and unstructured data like call center recordings. With 1695+ prebuilt customer attributes, segments, and integration of your existing data components, Persona 360 helps you optimize data collection, storage, modeling, and activation. Empowering you to personalize customer experiences effectively and scalably, with the flexibility and individual approach that enterprises need.

Key use cases of Persona 360:

AI-Driven Call Center

  • Streamline call monitoring and detect agent performance issues.
  • Augment agents by providing a process book/guideline in the form of ChatGPT and more.


  • Create relevant audiences for marketing campaigns at scale.
  • Detect new leads/opportunities in communication with customers (chats, emails, call recordings, PDFs, etc.) and more.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Implement an individual pricing engine using AI at scale, enriched by additional information extracted from communication with customers.

AI-Driven Fraud/Risk Management

  • Enrich models with additional information extracted from digital and unstructured interactions with customers.
  • Use advanced graph/ML methods to detect fraud/AML (Anti-Money Laundering).

Interested in these use cases or looking for something custom? Let's discuss your specific needs, or schedule a demo of Persona 360 with us.