Datashield, Managed Sentinel Security Services


Datashield, Managed Sentinel Security Services


A leading cybersecurity company protecting organizations through forensic cyber security services.

Datashield is a Managed, Detection, and Response (MDR) service provider servicing enterprise business in North America. Having over 11 years of experience in the cybersecurity sector has helped cultivate a customer forward vision to bring next-gen security and end-to-end protection to companies of all sizes. As an industry leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations by providing complex forensic cyber security services, We excel at bringing white-glove service to an ever-changing threat landscape. Backed by our parent company, ADT, and as a Gartner recognized team, Datashield provides stability and robust cyber defense in each security field – SIEM, EDR, NDR, Email Security, Vulnerability Management, and Digital Risk Protection – focusing on communication and transparency as key success factors in our continued customer partnerships.

Our service focuses on Microsoft Azure Sentinel including:
  • 24x7x365 Threat Management of Microsoft Azure Sentinel
  • Incident Validation and Remediation
  • Operational Management of Technology
  • Custom Playbooks
  • Continuous Active Hunting
  • Detailed Investigations and Write Ups

  • Executive Reporting

  • Customer Portal for Metrics/Activity Tracking

  • Monthly Service Status Snapshot for Continuous Environment Improvement

  • Security Posture Recommendations

  • Engagement Management

  • Internal Resource Development

  • Program Development