The all-in-one groundwater modelling solution



The all-in-one groundwater modelling solution

FEFLOW is the most intuitive and comprehensive software package for groundwater and porous media modelling. It can simulate a multitude of processes involving fluid flow, groundwater age, contaminant and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions - from local to regional scale.

FEFLOW is applicable for a multitude of groundwater, porous media and heat transport projects - from local to regional scale. It is the ideal software for:

  • Regional groundwater management
  • Groundwater management in construction and tunnelling
  • Capture zone and risk assessment via groundwater-age calculation
  • Mine water management
  • Simulation of open-pit progress
  • Saltwater intrusion
  • Seepage through dams and levees
  • Land use and climate change scenarios
  • Groundwater remediation and natural attenuation
  • Geothermal energy (deep and near surface, both open-loop and closed-loop systems)
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Simulation of industrial porous media

This image only includes FEFLOW.

The right choice of virtual machine instance depends on your workload and the applications to be used.

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