Dig Security - Multi-cloud data security platform


Dig Security - Multi-cloud data security platform


Discover, classify, protect and govern your data across cloud services and deployment types

Dig is an agentless multi-cloud data security platform that discovers, classifies and protects sensitive data. Using Dig’s data classification engine, you can quickly locate your most critical data and organizational “crown jewels” in both structured and unstructured data assets.

Dig prevents exposure of sensitive data with full data security posture management (DSPM) capabilities, highlighting data misconfigurations, access anomalies and data vulnerabilities that increase the risk of a data breach. In addition and most importantly, Dig provides real time data detection and response (DDR) to ensure an immediate handling of newly discovered data related incidents by integrating with your existing security solutions.

Why Dig Security?

The only data security platform that combined all capabilities into one single solution:

  • Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) -highlights data misconfigurations, access anomalies and data vulnerabilities

  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) - prevents data exfiltration early in the kill chain

  • Data detection and response (DDR) - a real time engine that issues alerts as soon as a suspicious activity has occurred

Features & Benefits

  • Automated discovery of data assets in public clouds including AWS, Azure, GCP and Snowflake to gain visibility into where data resides and reduce data sprawl

  • Data classification with automated classifiers for PCI, PII, PHI, FTC, GDPR, CCPA and others to locate where sensitive data resides and ensure compliance with latest security and privacy regulations

  • Data detection and response (DDR) through continuous monitoring to evaluate attacks in real time and immediately respond to cyber threats

  • Prioritization of data security posture issues based on context to reduce the amount of “noise” that leads to “alerts fatigue”

  • Improved compliance assurance and risk management through reports for data teams and data owners

About Dig Security

Dig Security helps organizations discover, classify, protect and govern their cloud data.

With organizations shifting to complex environments with dozens of database types across clouds, monitoring and detecting data exfiltration and policy violations has become a complex problem with limited fragmented solutions. Dig's cloud-native and completely agentless approach re-invents cloud DLP with DDR (Data Detection & Response) capabilities to help organizations better cope with the cloud's data sprawl. Dig is founded by 3 cyber security veterans from Microsoft and Google, and is backed by Team8, SignalFire, Felicis, Crowdstrike, Okta Ventures, CyberArk Ventures, and Merlin Ventures.

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