EazyStock - Purchasing and Inventory Optimization

Syncron AB

EazyStock - Purchasing and Inventory Optimization

Syncron AB

Powerful Inventory Optimization Made Simple with Automated Demand Forecasting and Replenishment

Do you want to eliminate excess stock, increase service levels and automate replenishment?

EazyStock is an ERP add-on that automatically calculates your demand, reorder points, safety stock and other inventory parameters to make sure you always have the right products on the shelf to meet your customers’ demand.

Features include:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Automated replenishment execution
  • Order fill-up
  • Promotion and campaign management
  • Seasonality Management
  • Supplier management
  • Multi-location planning
  • Reporting & KPI dashboard

EazyStock serves small- to mid-sized companies within wholesale, retail, e-commerce, spare parts and manufacturing. Whether you sell car parts, baby clothes or eye tracking technology, purchasing automation and inventory optimization software will benefit your business. No matter your industry, if you carry stock and want to achieve high service levels with less inventory, EazyStock can help.

EazyStock is a cloud solution developed by Syncron. Syncron has delivered inventory optimization services since 1999 and has a customer base of world leading companies within distribution, spare parts and manufacturing. EazyStock runs on technology used by global industry leaders but with an interface developed specifically for the needs of small- and mid-sized businesses. As of 2019, Syncron handles 175 million items and 2.5 million order line recommendations per day for their customers.

If you are a CEO, you will love EazyStock because it ensures you have the right products in stock at the right time, improving the customer experience and helping you build a positive perception of your brand. Your purchasers will become more productive and empowered, user errors will be eliminated. EazyStock also takes your company into the future with Artificial Intelligence and automated inventory management. It will help you stay in the forefront and place your company ahead of the competition.

If you are a CFO, you will love EazyStock because it’s transparent and gives you full control and visibility into your inventory. EazyStock makes it possible to release working capital tied up in inventory and increase the margins.

If you are a Purchaser or Inventory Planner, you will love EazyStock because you will become more efficient and more strategic in your role. EazyStock will help you catch demand trends, minimize stock-outs and reduce user errors. You will spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on suppliers, products and customers.

Supported edition
EazyStock can be used with both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Supported Countries
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, US, Canada