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Protect your sensitive data with the first open-source database designed for confidential computing

Make your database confidential with EdgelessDB, a MySQL-compatible database for confidential computing. It runs entirely inside runtime-encrypted Intel SGX enclaves. In comparison to other databases, EdgelessDB ensures that all data is always encrypted—in memory as well as on disk.

Please follow the Quickstart guide to correctly set up your EdgelessDB instance.

Why EdgelessDB?

There are two main reasons to use EdgelessDB. First, it can greatly increase data security. For example, this may allow you to move more data to the cloud. Second, EdgelessDB's manifest and verification feature enables exciting new applications like confidential analytics of customer data or trustworthy pooling of data between companies.

Key Features

Tailor-made for confidential computing
Enclave-optimized encryption that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and freshness of your data.

Great performance
EdgelessDB has no storage constraints and delivers close to native performance.

End-to-end verifiable
Get cryptographic proof that your stored data is protected against unauthorized access.

Easy integration
EdgelessDB is MySQL-compatible. Get started effortlessly on Azure Marketplace.

Open Source
EdgelessDB is free open-source software.

Under the hood

Architecturally, EdgelessDB is based on MariaDB. As storage engine, it uses an enhanced version of RocksDB. The file encryption of EdgelessDB's storage engine is designed and built for the enclave and its very strong attacker model. In this context,its storage engine provides confidentiality, integrity, freshness, auditability, and recoverability for data. Other databases, even when running inside enclaves using general-purpose frameworks, do not have these security properties.


"Trusted execution environments play a crucial role in implementing future-proof data strategies. In our collaboration with Edgeless Systems, their versatile tools turned out to be the missing link between confidential computing and scalable infrastructure."

Sven Trieflinger, Senior Project Manager at Bosch


Learn more about EdgelessDB in this blog post on the Azure Confidential Computing Blog.

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About us

Edgeless Systems is a cybersecurity startup on the mission to build easy-to-use, open-source tools that make confidential computing accessible to everyone. We develop innovative software that enables new and exciting forms of trustworthy data processing.

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