EMQX Enterprise

EMQ Technologies Incorporated

EMQX Enterprise

EMQ Technologies Incorporated

MQTT Platform for IoT

Is IoT scalability a major issue? Get strong and stable cloud-native IoT messaging and integration with EMQX Enterprise.

Do you represent a large organization? Struggling to get more devices connected to value? EMQX can bring you a million-level and fast-to-value IoT platform.

Key benefits

  • Scale your organization better than the competition with the leading all-in-one MQTT broker and SQL-based IoT rules engine
  • Control and protect your data, safely processing millions of lightning-fast IoT messages per second and connecting millions of clients at lower cost and bandwidth
  • Gain visibility to monitor any alerts among your devices and platforms, and leverage end-to-end analytics to ensure correct messaging

Key features

  • 100% MQTT 5.0/3.x compliance and GUI-driven real-time management/monitoring
  • Choose message delivery Quality of Service 0, 1 or 2, leverage 24/7 global technical support
  • Integrate multiple IoT protocols (MQTT: CoAP/LwM2M, Stomp and REST etc.) and IoT data with more than 40 applications
  • Get up to 99.999% masterless cluster uptime for your business-critical applications

Power high-performance logistics, distribution, maintenance and mining systems and more. Deliver error-free sub-millisecond latency. Integrate IoT data for 40+ cloud services, including VMware Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Confluent Kafka, MongoDB, Oracle, SAP and other time-series databases.

What our customers say

“The most impressive thing about EMQX is the scale on which it can operate. It can handle hundreds of millions of clients and does have a way to scale horizontally. Thanks to Erlang!” - Gregory S., Staff Software engineer for a mid-market size enterprise

About EMQ Technologies, Inc.

EMQ, the leading open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider, offers flexible, scalable and secure connectivity solutions, including MQTT over QUIC, for 20K+ users. HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen, and Ericsson – to name a few – trust EMQ’s work done with connected cars, industrial IoT, energy and more.

Try EMQX Enterprise now

Get a 14-day free trial, setting up your own proof-of-concept toward a better tomorrow with IoT. Get 24/7 support with the various open-source APIs and tools available to get the ideal solution you need based on the goals you have for your business today!