Enterspeed Content Federation Layer

Enterspeed A/S

(2 ratings)

Enterspeed Content Federation Layer

Enterspeed A/S

(2 ratings)

Enterspeed Content Federation Layer – Ship scalable APIs. Fast and with zero infrastructure.

Enterspeed’s Content Federation Layer is an off-the-shelf, JavaScript-powered SaaS integration platform that promotes performance at scale with intelligent caching by decoupling, storing, and accelerating backend data sources to the frontend.

The high-performing Content Federation Layer transforms, consolidates, and stores content from multiple data sources. We offer open-source integrations for popular CMSs, PIMs, ERPs, ecommerce systems with more added all the time.

Enterspeed features a blazing fast Microsoft Azure powered delivery network. Data is prepared for delivery to frontends at publish time, thus minimising the load on the underlying systems.

We serve large multinational companies (Carlsberg, hummel, Danish Crown, etc.) needing to deliver data out of data centers in specific regions. With Enterspeed you can make use of our Azure multi-region distribution and push your data around the globe in mere seconds.

Enterspeed enables composable architecture – whether it’s a headless solution on legacy or a completely new build.

The Content Federation Layer perfectly fits into existing tech stacks as a performance accelerator. It lets you combine all data sources into one fast, flexible solution, and you reduce the risk of bottlenecks by fetching data with just a single API call.

You also eliminate the risks normally correlated with system upgrades. Using Enterspeed’s Content Federation Layer, developers have flexibility to update, disconnect, and connect data sources without the end-user experiencing downtime at the frontend.

We offer a free PoC using your own data to demonstrate the value we bring.

Reach out if you want to know more and get your PoC.


Content Federation Layer accessible for programmers of any type

Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby or whatever else you fancy, all good!

Based on modern MACH concepts

Enterspeed is a Microservice, API first, Cloud native, and Headless SaaS.

High-performant and scalable

We serve large multinational companies needing to deliver data out of data centers in specific regions. Make use of our MS Azure Multi-region Distribution and push your stuff around the globe in seconds.

Performance by design

The old legacy systems getting slow? No worries, Enterspeed is 100% decoupled from the data sources, so the frontend gets data in 50 milliseconds even though your old legacy IT stack may be dragging its feet.

Security by design!

No more worrying about hackers trying to access your vulnerable backend systems through the plethora of APIs feeding a headless front end. Enterspeed brings security by design to your IT stack.

Sustainability by design!

Using the Content Federation Layer can minimise your processing, by processing on publishing time rather than on request time. At the same time, you only need to call Enterspeed, not the entire compilation of backend systems, which also lessens the load on request.

Low cost

We offer a simple usage-based pricing model: Flexible pricing for business of all sizes | Enterspeed