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eppTec s.r.o.

(87 ratings)

Lightweight & Blazing Fast Business Rules Management System

Welcome to the 21st Century! DecisionRules is a straightforward, innovative, and modern SaaS solution that can help digitize your organization's day-to-day decision-making processes. The tool provides business people (Underwriting leader, Credit policy leader/manager, CTO, PMO, IT Architects, Product Owner, BU/IT Analysts, etc.) access to maintain their business rules by themselves. No programming or coding skills are needed.

  • No coding skills are needed - do it yourself!

  • Easy excel-based logic

  • Fast rule settings (just in a few minutes)

  • Extremely scalable

  • Clear and easy UI

  • Easy connectivity

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Universal for every purpose and sector of the market

Deployment types:
  • SaaS - our public cloud

  • private managed cloud (AWS/Azure which we build and maintain for you)

  • on-premise


The DecisionRules provides all the essential features that your organization needs to promote the various semi-manual, paper, or excel-based “interim” solutions to the next level. It boosts your productivity, speeds up corresponding workflows, and eliminates room for manual errors. All of these result in significant operational cost savings. We have made our best effort to keep the maintenance of a rule engine as close to business users as possible. This means you don’t need to buy the solution and hire a bunch of IT geeks to handle it. Your analyst should be able to grasp the whole concept quickly and start thinking differently within a few hours.

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