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E.F. Magic

Everlasting Fairytale

Excellent Solution in blueprint of the marketing and advertising department in each company.

E.F. Magic the software developed by everlasting fairytale is user friendly and give the flexible option in the shaping of a road map for the Structure of the marketing and advertising department in each company.

E.F Magic is a software application configuring and shaping road map of Marketing and Advertising department in corporations and businesses. E.F. Magic functions as utilities for online presentation, blueprint and support in Global & Local Market as an established brand. It has various advantages including

'Flexibility in Blue Print'

'Latest Technology'

'Compatibility with all platforms'

E.F. Magic Inc. is Hootan Dehbonei Company providing Utilities services. It is active in Marketing and Advertising service industry in addition of visual arts, entertainment industry, media and contemporary literature. It functions as Marketing Advertising, Freelancing, Financial Consulting, E-business, Publishing and E-commerce Company. The web sites of the company are an actual application for a creative and modern web development and design.


Everlasting Fairytale is pleased to announce the first Application Software Evolve and developed solely by Everlasting Fairytale Inc.

Hereby I would like to thanks Microsoft and my other affiliates to support me. In return I believe this application has a great contribution to Microsoft Affiliate and my other affiliate networks in empowering these Networks with the latest Technology in Marketing and Advertising. It engages the users with innovation and gives them opportunity to have choice of selection. It is developed by well-known brand established for more than three years. It has the support of almost all well-known brands.

Everlasting Fairytale Inc. is not alone in updating, patching or modifying E.F. Magic application. This application engages directly more than 20 different companies in evolving technology and updating, patching and modifying.