Multi-cloud Data Services for Dell EMC PowerScale

Faction Inc

Multi-cloud Data Services for Dell EMC PowerScale

Faction Inc

Fast, secure, PB-scale multi-protocol Storage-as-a-Service

Multi-cloud Data Services by Faction, for Dell EMC PowerScale, enables users to connect their PowerScale file scale-out storage - consumed as a service, directly to public cloud(s) including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud. This is done through a high-speed, low latency connection from Faction to the cloud or clouds of choice. Organizations gain an on-demand, cloud consumption model for compute workloads and storage, combined with high performance, a 100% Availability SLA, and scalability of Dell EMC PowerScale storage. This solution is ideal for securely moving or deploying demanding applications to the public cloud for disaster recovery, analytics, test/dev, and more.


  • No outbound data traffic costs between Azure and Faction

  • High-speed, low-latency connection to Azure

  • Durable, persistent cloud attached storage with 100% Availability SLA

  • Efficiently run compute-intensive workloads in Azure

  • Expand data access to other cloud providers as your business needs grow 

Available Service Tiers:

  • Elite - Starting from 28 TB to 9 PB+ 
    • Suitable for Real-time inference (machine learning), Critical Streaming Analytics, Rendering, Time-sensitive Data Warehouse workloads
  • Premier - Starting from 162TB to 13 PB+ 
    • Suitable for Video Streaming, Media Processing, Rendering, Big Data uses (e.g., Genomics, Machine Learning, etc), Cloud User-level Windows File Sharing
  • Standard - Starting from 540TB to 37 PB+ 
    • Suitable for Video and Records Retention, Tiering from Elite/Premier
  • Archive - Starting from 162TB to 13 PB+ 
    • Suitable for Write-Once-Read-Never/Retention Data, Long-term Records Retention, Web content Management, Video Retention, Tiering from Elite/Premier