FileMage SFTP, FTP, Browser to Blob Storage - Linux

Filemage LLC

(4 ratings)

FileMage SFTP, FTP, Browser to Blob Storage - Linux

Filemage LLC

(4 ratings)

FTP / SFTP server backed by Azure Blob Storage, with web file browser, file sharing and much more.

FileMage Gateway is an SFTP / FTP server that reads and writes files directly to Azure Blob Storage. Transfers are streamed in memory, not staged on disk, so changes are fast and visible immediately.

Now featuring a web based file interface where users can view and transfer files in their browser.

With FileMage Gateway you can leverage the reliability and scale of Azure Blob Storage for exchanging and storing files internally or with business partners using the same tools and processes you are already familiar with.

This VM image is fully configured and ready for use upon deployment. Just add your users and storage accounts in the web based management interface to get started.

More feature highlights:

User Portal:

  • Can be white-labeled using custom branding and styling.
  • Users can upload and download files in the browser.
  • Users can setup multi-factor OTP authentication.
  • Users can receive account setup and password reset emails.

File Sharing and Permissions

  • Assign home directories to users (chroot).
  • Assign folder level permissions to users and groups.
  • Assign users to groups for easier permission management.
  • View all permissions assigned across all users.

Security Features

  • Per-user IP address restrictions.
  • Audit log of all user actions.
  • Configurable password rules and expiration.
  • Brute-force login prevention.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication.

Server Management

  • Free TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt.
  • JSON API for configuration automation.
  • Manage administrator accounts with Azure Active Directory.
  • Send application metrics to Azure Application Insights.

SFTP/FTP Features

  • Configurable SFTP ciphers, key exchange algorithms, and digest algorithms.
  • SSH password, public key, certificate, and interactive multi-factor authentication.
  • FTP/FTPS, implicit, explicit, active and passive modes.

Available as Windows and Linux images on Azure Marketplace.

Need High Availability? Check out our Azure Resource Manager templates at for one-click deployments of clustered FileMage Gateway solutions.

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