FileMage SFTP/FTP Gateway For Linux

Filemage LLC
FileMage Gateway is a FTP and SFTP server backed by Azure Blob Storage.
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FileMage SFTP/FTP Gateway For Linux

Filemage LLC

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FileMage Gateway is a FTP and SFTP server backed by Azure Blob Storage.

FileMage Gateway provides a easy to use and flexible file transfer solution backed by Azure Blob Storage, enabling customers to leverage the reliability of Azure Blob Storage for exchanging files with business partners or clients.

Designed for speed, ease of use, reliability and security. File transfers are streamed in memory directly to and from Azure Blob Storage without writing to disk. Customers don't have to provision costly high IOPS disks to achieve fast transfers, and changes are seamlessly visible in real-time.

HTTPS and FTPS is enabled by default using self-signed certificates. You can load your own certificates or use the built-in Let's Encrypt integration to automatically request and renew free TLS/SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.

Getting started is a simple as deploying the solution into your network and accessing the web interface to configure storage containers and users. Configuration can also be automated using the REST API.

Feature Highlights

  • Transfers streamed directly in memory.

  • Runs in your network to reduce data transfer costs.

  • Configurable through intuitive browser interface or REST API.

  • Connect to multiple Azure Blob Storage containers.

  • Unlimited user accounts.

  • Home directories.

  • Folder Permissions.

  • SFTP, FTP, and FTPS supported.

  • Automatically issue and renew free TLS/SSL certificates using Let's Encrypt.

  • Audit Logs

  • Brute Force Login Prevention

  • Login with Azure Active Directory

  • Per-user IP whitelisting

  • Available as Windows and Linux images on Azure Marketplace

Need High Availability?

Check out our Azure Resource Manager templates at for one-click deployments of clustered FileMage Gateway solutions.

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