CloudConnect for Education

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CloudConnect for Education

Forsyte IT Solutions

CloudConnect simplifies collaboration across tools, platforms & automates access to resources.

CloudConnect works seamlessly across multiple entities and IT environments to manage and connect user activity. 

CloudConnect is a SaaS-based offering designed to improve collaboration between cloud-based email providers and Microsoft Azure. Our cloud-based solution provides the scalability to synchronize even the largest environments in short order.

CloudConnect allows for the mass creation of Azure Business to Business (B2B) accounts across multiple tenants, as well as across an Exchange Global Address List (GAL) population. Configure and synchronize in minutes without the need for infrastructure, firewalls, or network changes, and achieved at low TCO.

Collaboration made simple with the many benefits of CloudConnect: 

  • Create unified address lists across organizations & extend centralized services to partner organizations without standing up your own infrastructure or engaging in complex implementations.
  • Effectively manage address list synchronizations & guest accounts in a simple & easy to use interface.
  • Achieve integration between multiple platforms (Office 365, G Suite, Exchange) with an automated method to access internal resources for external organizations & global address list synchronization.
  • Enable a richer collaboration experience across tools such as Microsoft Teams to quickly access the data you need.

Notable features:

  • Rich App Experience
  • Identity Mobility
  • Azure AD Advanced Security

About Us: Forsyte I.T. Solutions is a strategic leader in the internet technology industry, best known for delivering highly accessible and scalable cloud-based IT solutions and managed services using Microsoft technology to support the success of organizations of all sizes. As a select Microsoft Gold Partner Managed Service Provider (MSP), Forsyte helps educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and government clients across the country. 

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