Azure Virtual WAN Secured by Fortinet FortiGate


Azure Virtual WAN Secured by Fortinet FortiGate


FortiGate NGFW secures East/West and North/South traffic in Azure vWAN

This solution deploys a set of FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls in Azure Virtual WAN to support a secure SD-WAN, SD-WAN + NGFW, or NGFW-only services with layer 4-7 inspection. This allows you to extend your SD-WAN into the Azure Cloud and secure traffic within the vWAN hub. Fortinet’s solution works both within and across regions, and connects your Azure security to your broader hybrid mesh firewall. License requirements, cumulative performance, and Azure pricing depends on scale selection.

This offering includes the Following plans:

  • SD-WAN: This plan enables you to extend your secure SD-WAN into the Azure Cloud, allowing you to use Azure vWAN as a global SD-WAN backbone (North/South traffic).

  • NGFW Only: This option secures layer 4-7 traffic as it traverses the vWAN hub (East/West traffic).

  • SD-WAN + NGFW: This plan both secures both North/South and East/West traffic.

FortiGate for Azure:

· Enables multi-cloud or multi-site connectivity - including Secure SD-WAN

· Allows use of Azure vWAN as a high-performance WAN backbone

· Enforces Zero Trust application access and segmentation

· Extends your hybrid mesh firewall into the Azure Cloud

The Fortinet FortiGate for Azure Virtual WAN solution offers these benefits:

· Provides cost-effective and fast global connectivity for your secure SD-WAN

· Simplifies your global WAN architecture

· Ability to orchestrate consistent network and security policies across clouds and data centers

· Offers automation, deep analytics, central management, and self-healing of your network infrastructure

License information: This is a BYOL listing. For deployment assistance, please contact