Azure Virtual WAN Secured by Fortinet FortiGate


Azure Virtual WAN Secured by Fortinet FortiGate


FortiGate NVAs secure North-South, East-West, and internet-bound traffic in Azure vWAN

This solution supports three different use cases, a secure SD-WAN, SD-WAN + NGFW, or NGFW-only services with layer 4-7 inspection. FortiGate firewalls in Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN) provide SD-WAN connectivity and NGFW protection in the Azure Cloud. License requirements, cumulative performance, and Azure pricing depends on scale selection.

This offering includes the following options:

    • NGFW Only
    • SD-WAN + NGFW ( SD-WAN Only / SD-WAN+NGFW Use cases )
NOTE : User can choose to deploy the SD-WAN only use case from this plan, by disabling "Routing Intent and Routing Policies" on the Azure portal

Please see the Plans tab to learn more about what each option provides.

FortiGate for Azure provides the foundation for these offerings and can:

    • Enable multi-cloud or on-prem connectivity with secure SD-WAN
    • Allow use of Azure vWAN as a high-performance WAN backbone
    • Extend your Fortinet Security Fabric into the Azure Cloud

The Fortinet FortiGate for Azure Virtual WAN solution offers these benefits:

    • Provides cost-effective and high-speed and redundant global connectivity
    • Simplifies your global WAN architecture
    • Ability to orchestrate consistent network and security policies across clouds and data centers
    • Offers deep analytics, central management, and self-healing of your network infrastructure

License information: This is a BYOL listing. For deployment assistance, please contact