Fortinet FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service


(2 ratings)

Fortinet FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service


(2 ratings)

Defend against known and zero-day threats with machine learning-enhanced web app and API protection

Get a 14-day free, full-featured trial that includes threat intelligence services from FortiGuard Labs.

FortiWeb Cloud WAF provides easily-deployed and maintained protection for your web applications and APIs. FortiWeb Cloud defends your web applications and APIs using a multi-layered approach that intelligently and accurately protects your web applications from the OWASP Top 10 threats and more, without creating excess administrative overhead that can slow down deployment of your most critical line-of-business applications. Defend your applications against vulnerabilities, malicious bots, malware uploads, DDoS attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). You will always have the most up to date protection from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet's threat intelligence platform and research organization.

Using AI-based machine learning, FortiWeb continuously and automatically models your application’s behavior to:

· Identify and block malicious behavior

· Discover and protect exposed web APIs

· Identify and control bot traffic

· *NEW* identify attack patterns across your entire web application attack surface and aggregate them into security incidents across all FortiWeb and FortiWeb Cloud protected applications in a single Threat Analytics Dashboard* so that SOC analysts can focus on the threats that matter most.

· *NEW* Identify web vulnerabilities by using automated black-box dynamic application security testing. Integrated vulnerability assessment combines advanced crawling technology with FortiGuard Labs extensive threat research and knowledge base to test target applications against OWASP Top 10 and other vulnerabilities. Not included in the 14-day free eval trial.

FortiWeb Cloud highlights:

  • EASE OF USE: A built-in setup wizard and predefined policies deliver essential security within minutes, removing the usual complexity required when setting up a WAF. And with deep learning capabilities that model your application's behavior, false positive detections that drive administrative overhead are nearly eliminated.
  • LOW TCO: Pay only Intra-Region Data Transfer rates for traffic to the service, and Fortinet handles the data transfer-out costs as part of your subscription. Threat intelligence services from FortiGuard Labs are also included at no additional cost.
  • *NEW* ADVANCED THREAT ANALYTICS: Help your SOC analysts focus on the threats that matter most using the Threat Analytics Dashboard to identify attack patterns across all your cloud and on-prem deployments
  • *NEW* INTEGARTED VUNERABILITY SCAN: Identify OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in your web applications by using Fortinet's dynamic application security testing based on FortiGuard Labs extensive threat research and knowledge base. Not included in the 14-day free eval trial.

Whether you are part of a security, devops, IT, compliance, or operations team, FortiWeb Cloud can enable you to protect the business-critical data your web apps and APIs rely on.

Pay only for what you use. Estimated monthly cost based on outbound monthly traffic:
- Small web application (10-100 GB) = $25-$50
- Medium web application (500-1000 GB) = $175-$325
- Large web application (1 TB traffic) = $325+

Web vulnerability scan - $20/month per application for unlimited scans